Bausch Health’s response to the Ukraine conflict

As we monitor the news, it is difficult to imagine what the people of Ukraine are currently experiencing. Our first priority has been to take every action we can to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees in the region. Thankfully, all our employees are safe and accounted for at this time.

Our long-standing commitment has always been to make certain that our essential medical products reach the people who need them, and as part of that, we have donated products in Ukraine. Additionally, in light of the humanitarian crisis in the region, we are partnering with Global Giving, a non-profit organization, on an employee donation program with a corporate match to support the citizens of Ukraine.

Though we have long had a presence in the region, Bausch Health doesn’t have any manufacturing operations in Russia, and we have no plans to make any new capital investments there in the foreseeable future.

We will continue to do whatever we can to help everyone affected by this situation and comply with all government sanctions. We are keeping our colleagues in the region in our thoughts, and we hope that this conflict reaches a peaceful outcome soon.